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Our Beef is all 100% Natural, Antibiotic/ Hormone free, and are born raised/harvested in California.  We carry USDA Prime, Choice and Grass- Fed beef.  All of our products are aged a minimum of 28 days, to maximize tenderness and flavor. 



Our Pork is also 100% Natural, Hormone and Anti-biotic free.  We source high quality pork from a variety of farms throughout California, to make sure you receive the most flavorful pork available. 

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Our Lambs and Goats are sourced from Northern California, are 100% grass- fed with no antibiotics or hormones.  These are tender and delicious, with great flavor.

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We only source Free Range, All- Natural Chicken, free of antibiotics and hormones.  These birds taste like chicken is supposed to taste.



We hand-make 16 varieties of fresh, All- Natural Sausage, that contain no preservatives or gluten.  We have been making Italian Sausage the right way since 1914,  using whole muscle proteins and no fillers ever. 

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We dry age our USDA Prime steaks in a controlled environment for a minimum of 28 days before they are sold.  This develops the beef flavor and increases tenderness, making for the best steaks money can buy.

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